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Writing As Therapy Can Lead To Great Story Plots! (Writing Exercise)

by Edwina Frazier on 08/07/17

I wrote a letter to my mother filled with blistering anger and resentment. I held nothing back. I didn’t cuss or call her names, but I sure let her know how I was feeling. The rant went on for several pages before I slowed down. After typing the last word and period with a flourish,  I reviewed what I’d written with satisfaction and then read it aloud a few times as though I were talking to her... then I permanently deleted it from my laptop.


I wish I could say I felt tremendously better after this prolific release but that would not be true. I was still angry with my mother. However, I was in a better position to have a more productive conversation with her after venting my emotions in writing.  


I discovered, as I wrote, that what had really fueled my anger was not what she said, but the fact she had exposed what I had been thinking (about her) that I thought I had covered up. It startled me that she had seen through my “good daughter” façade and saw the frustrated woman I’d become. The blow up we had seemed to literally take all the colors out of my world that day. She was my mother for goodness sake! I felt horrible and justified at the same time. I was conflicted in the worst way, and I needed to get it out, hence the letter.


It didn't help that I left town to work for a few weeks so we didn't get to talk until I got back. We both needed healing from our "falling out."   I asked her to forgive me, and our relationship was restored.


Writing as therapy helped me gain a better perspective on why I was angry with my mother and provided an opportunity for me to talk honestly with her. A few years later when I thought about this incident, I realized the seeds of a great  fictional short story could be gleaned from this experience.


Use my experience as an example and write a one or two paragraph story and send it to me for feedback!

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Change the characters. They can be siblings, neighbors, spouses, etc.
  • Change the conflict. In my story, I didn't want my mother to know how I was feeling about her because I felt a "good daughter" wouldn't have those feelings.
  • Use poetic license with my story! Can you add in some sidebars or elaborate on how my mother or I must have felt and the thoughts we were thinking? Did I leave the house in a huff and wind up in an accident? Did my mother call her lawyer and take me out of the Will? LOL have fun with it!

“Pen Of A Ready Writer Blog”

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Where Do I Begin?!

by Edwina Frazier on 02/20/17

The story that’s in your head and heart can be the hardest thing to get on paper! You start, you stop…you start and stop again!  You may even begin to doubt if you were suppose to write a book at all! I think every writer can relate. Following is a very simple pre-writing questionnaire  to help you lay a foundation for what you want to write.

Get your coffee or beverage of choice, grab your pen and journal or laptop and get ready to start your journey!

 1. Why am I writing this?

You must be very clear about your motivation and purpose for writing. When the going gets tough (and it will) you need to have something very concrete to turn to when you need to remind yourself why you’ve started this project.  It should be compelling enough that you won’t be able to easily stop writing if you hit a writer’s block.

2. Who am I writing this for?

Who do you envision will be reading your book and what benefit do you hope they will gain from reading it? Have you benefited in anyway from what you are sharing on the pages? in what way? Will your testimony encourage your reader?

3. What will my writing “VOICE” be?

Typically, I am a folksy, anecdotal kind of writer. I like writing in a conversational tone using vivid language and connecting the reader to emotional nuances and “inside voice” musings. What is your “voice?”  Does your story require a first person narrative or third person storyteller?  Is it easy reading or high level academic?  Determining your voice will help you with chapter or topic titles.  You book doesn’t HAVE to have a table of contents but chapter or topic titles will help you to organize your writing .

4. What do you want to say?

This connects to the benefit your reader will experience from reading your book. In my first book, “The Way I Am Now, Is Not The Way I’m Going To End Up!” I wanted my readers, people I identified as single parents coming out of or currently going through the challenges of public housing, welfare and trying to raise their kids alone, to be able to map out life plans for themselves and their children to have better opportunities in life.  So my first chapter was written to show the reader where I started and some of the challenges I faced and every chapter after that was named to identify some hurdle I had to get through and the lessons learned from going through it. For example, figuring out how to go to college so I could get a good paying job that would support 6 kids was a chapter all by itself! Sometimes it helps if you make a list of what you want to include in your book and why then look for ways to group common themes together under a chapter or topic title.

5. Now that you have all this in writing, you’re better able to organize your thoughts and focus your writing to stay true to your original reason for writing this story in the first place!

If you still feel you need a little help, a writing coach can help you bring clarity to your writing project. Partners In Success Publishing would love to help you get started! Do these five things first and then you’ll have something that will assist your writing consultant in steering you in the right direction!

Pen Of A Ready Writer Blog

Partners In Success Publishing Consultants    

If At First You Don't Succeed....

by Edwina Frazier on 09/06/10

Yep! You got it, try try again!  What have you just kicked to the curb because it just doesn't seem to be coming together for you?  Yeah, I know you've been working on it a loooong time and if it was going to amount to anything you'd have some fruit by now.  Ok, now that you've got that off your chest may I ask a question?

Are you dissappointed or relieved?

A sense of relief might suggest you weren't ready to take this project on. This might not be the season for it. But are you preparing yourself for the season? Don't put it on the back burner and forget about it thinking "One day, some day it will come to pass"  That's just wishful thinking!  Continue to stratagize and plan. Network and get your resources in order... delay does not mean denied!

On the other hand if you are disappointed and find yourself looking at your project with mournful eyes of  what could have been, then perhaps it's not ready to be buried yet!  Gather up the pieces of your dream (literally)  and organize them in a file. What were you able to accomplish?  Did you get your name registered? Start a website? Business cards or flyers?  Establish a bank account? PayPal account? Did you run an ad or hire someone to do some work for you? Gather everything you've done and take it to a Small Business Consultant at your local SBC office (Google up the office in your area) Their services are free and they can offer advice that can help you get to the next level.

You weren't working on a businees?

This applies whether we're talking about business, ministry, relationships, finances, etc  Get the ear of someone who can provide insight and wisdom and map out a new plan of action!  Hey, I haven't heard any fat ladies singing...  Have you?

Get in there and try it again. The best is yet to come!

Edwina Frazier - Personal & Professional Development Consultant

From your heart to the written page! Let us help you write your story!

Edwina Frazier
Senior Consultant